Pizza Vending Machine

If you saw our article on the Rugbeer Vending Machine and decided that you might need to move overseas just to have access to Europe and Asia’s awesome assortment of vending machines we may just have something that will briefly satisfy your need for automated awesomeness.

While the ‘Let’s Pizza’ Vending Machine wasn’t invented in the U.S. the rumor in the pizza industry (yep) is that this monster may be making its way stateside. From start to finish the Let’s Pizza will mix and kneed your dough, top to your specifications and bake your pizza, finally delivering it to you in a box; all in about two and a half minutes.

You can grab your 10.5 inch pizza, topped with fresh ingredients and untouched by human hands for a suggested retail¬† price of between $5 and $6. If that wasn’t good enough a few cents more will get you a disposable pizza cutter, napkins and oregano to accompany your delicious disk built with artificial robot-love.

If you need to know more and love an accented lip-dub checkout the mouth-watering video below.

– Rude Magazine – @JordanRUDEmag

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