The Avengers

The next Marvel installment is on its way to theaters May 4th. Thus far the better of the Marvel movies have led up to what most of us nerds have been looking forward to since the beginning: getting the band back together. The Avengers is finally near enough for us all to buy tickets for and, although our first look was a mere minute it would be hard to imagine that a movie with so many explosions, particularly a Marvel title, could be anything but awesome (but then again they did do that Spiderman trilogy). It’s clear that having made Thor a likeable character on film and brushing over the fact that The Human Torch and Captain America are the same guy Marvel’s done a bit of growing. Providing millions of men with that childhood feeling coupled with the “I’m totally gonna use my super-powers to break shit as soon as this movie is over” mentality Marvel may just have what it takes to crank out a movie so bad-ass each and everyone of us pees just a little.

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