They’re Coming Barbara…

…were some of the first words we heard before we got our first taste of George A. Romero’s theatrical spin on the Voodoo inspired zombie. “Night of the Living Dead” actor Bill Hinzman, died recently at the age of 75 from cancer. A cameraman on the set he landed the role as the first zombie because of his build and because he happened to own an old suit. Hinzman became an icon and moved on to act and direct more for the horror genre. Honoring his wishes Hinzman was cremated, having often joked about ‘coming back’ if he were to be buried. For both the foresight and your influence we thank Bill. Among other things he will always be remembered as Cemetery Zombie and Zombie Number 1.


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  1. War Dancer

    February 11, 2012 at 11:32 PM

    R.I.P. you ugly bastard! Thanks for the girlfriend who pissed herself so bad back in 8th grade watching this that I never got any. But respect brah, you will never be forgotten!

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