Twitter Reacts: Game of Thrones

Twitter Reacts Cropped3
Last weeks’s episode flipped some people out…hard. While those who read the books (most of whom won’t shut up about it) have been in on the plan for years, the rest of us were left waiting for the White Walkers to descend and swallow Westeros whole, because clearly The Red Wedding signified the end of the world.

As most of us have learned by living in a world of Twilight movies and Justin Bieber, the best thing about die-hard fans is the reliability with which they will lose their shit. So, with that in mind we decided to scour Twitter for some of the absolute best reactions that writer George RR Martin could coax from the fans of HBO’s hit Game of Thrones for the final two episodes of the show’s third season.

Twitter was flooded with disappointment at the season 3 finale; a fairly low-key event following the horrific ninth episode. While the episode did open more than just a few doors for the story to continue into the future the dismay of the fans might be slightly overshadowed by the finale’s clear loser; Theon Greyjoy.

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