Usain Bolt X Nissan GT-R

In one of the most sensible but unlikely collaborations of the year, Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt teams up with Nissan to make this golden GT-R  to be auctioned for the Usain Bolt Foundation. This very special Nissan GT-R is embossed with Usain Bolt’s signature and it features interior trim parts that are made of real gold.

The golden GT-R is going to be auctioned on eBay later this month and the proceeds will help children on Jamaica. Nissan’s collaboration with Bolt does not stop at the golden GT-R. In fact, the Japanese carmaker is planning a special edition version of the GT-R developed in collaboration with the
Olympic Champion.

However, the details of this GT-R by Usain Bolt are going to be announced at a later date. Nissan also announced they’re currently building a special GT-R just for Usain, who tested various versions of the super-car at the carmaker’s proving ground near Oppama, Japan.






VIA: Zer Customs

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