Wake up Wednesday from the best Fat Tuesday!

Each year, thousands, if not millions of people flock to the street of towns near you for a Fat Tuesday celebration.   Some actually make it to New Orleans, but most just try to add a little New Orleans spice  to their town.

You have rallied the troops and already made up several excuses for missing work on Wednesday.  Lets cover the basics on how to have as much fun as possible.

Pace yourself: If you are stumbling drunk before you ever get to the local watering hole, you may have overdone it early.  Your only hope is some food, and a power nap or a cup of coffee, then to try and make a run of it in the  later hours. (This is a “break glass in case of emergency” scenario and it’s not recommended).

Be early and adapt to your surroundings: If you don’t plan on bar hopping get to your favorite pub or nightspot early.  Make some friends early on and you’ll surely have a great time. By arriving early you get a chance to watch the crowd, pick your spots and make your moves as the night progresses.

Smile:  Smiling can be an easily overlooked and underrated feature on a man’s face.  If women are looking your way and you have a mean ol’ scowl on your mug, they’re not going to think twice about avoiding you later in the night. A welcoming grin will get you far.

Go with the Flow:  Be a part of the action, it’s what Fat Tuesday is all about!  Not only will this maximise the fun but this will make you a friendlier, more approachable, gentleman eyes of the ladies.  If she sees you having fun with strangers and getting along well with others (grade school reference) she’ll be more inclined to picture you in her future.

Beads:  Yes, Beads.  Where do we begin.  Well, we’ve thumbed through every approach partaking in the bead ceremony and let’s face it, it’s a part of the action and we need to get involved!  This year we’re going to take a different approach.  The years of hanging 300 beads around your neck are and tossing them willy-nilly at random women is over.   This year…wait for it…we are going one at a time.    Lets make it a special one, find that girl you like and give her your one and only set of beads.  This set of beads is special. Its your one and only.  This’ll work, I [almost] promise.  If not, guess what?  Reach into your coat and get your other “last set of beads” and find you a new girl.  Rinse and Repeat!

And there you have it, you’re now armed with a  few helpful tips on how to make the best of the night.  We still have our secrets on how to handle the ladies, but lets face it, half the fun is trial and error.  We’ve made a few errors in our day, but tomorrow is a new Fat Tuesday!

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