EXOvault iPhone Case Review

If you’re looking to protect your iPhone in style and you’ve got the funds EXOvault has a line of cases for you. Ranging from $70-$400 EXOvault’s cases feature hand-crafted quality and careful construction. Designed to put you a step-above the average iPhone user EXOvault produces cases that are so fancy they should come with a cup of tea.

These cases are constructed from materials like brass, aluminum and titanium as well as various hardwoods making them tough, resilient and beautiful. EXOvault cases are produced in low-volume and are hand milled and finished in Brooklyn, NY. These cases are specifically designed for discerning customers who really care about quality and style and want to put themselves a step above the hoi polloi of iPhone users.

Although packaging may seems like a trivial throw-away for many products, the beautiful wooden box the EXOvault case arrives swaddled in will instantly let you know what a special purchase you’ve made. With beautiful end-grain lining the inside and outside of the case it’s doubtful you’ll ever throw this box away.

While ‘sleek’ might not be a word we would use to describe this case it’s definitely still sexy, and sophisticated. Built solid and fitting the iPhone like a custom suit of armor the EXOvault is one of the few iPhone cases on the market you’ll need a screwdriver to get into.

With a two-piece design and open sides you can access all of your phone’s ports. Getting to your phone’s buttons and lock will require a bit of precision due to their depth but the tapered sides help a bit. The open side channels provide a great resting spot for fingers and thumbs which will make you feel far more secure when using your phone.

All-in-all we love this case from EXOvault, and we’re happy to have been able to put our phone in it. The beautiful brass provides a great rustic look and makes the iPhone sturdy and stylish, giving us a ‘treasure found at the bottom of the ocean’ feel. We hate to see the case go but we love giving freebies to our readers, so checkout our contest page to grab one:

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