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AudioGlove has officially launched their Kickstarter campaign and the iPhone has never been sexier. If you’re looking to amplify your iPhone without draining its battery you can grab your AudioGlove for a discount by funding their Kickstarter HERE.

If you’re feeling lucky you can enter RUDE Magazine’s AudioGlove Giveaway HERE.

Checkout our Full Review of the AudioGlove below.

Undoubtedly the most popular phone in the world, the iPhone is a hefty investment that deserves some protection. If your iPhone is running around naked it’s probably about time you consider a case. There are a ton of cases on the market that will protect your phone while adding little bulk. While these cases often do well to protect your phone they’re often fraught with design flaws and inherent problems that may tempt you to go without, leaving your iPhone vulnerable to dings, scratches, and breakage, especially if you’ve got butterfingers. The AudioGlove aims to remedy one particular flaw that is inherent when slapping just about any case on your iPhone.

When cramming so much technology into such a small device, sacrifices often need to be made. One integral problem with the iPhone is the small speaker and microphone; being on the bottom of the phone. Many cases block or hinder sound both incoming and outgoing, often leading some to the conclusion that you may be using your speakerphone underwater. The AudioGlove addresses this problem with its extending case which channels sound and, instead of dispersing it willy-nilly makes it more or less directional. Sound is noticeably louder and clearer with the case open than with no case at all.

While great for you it’s also awesome for the person on the other end. In the same way that the AudioGlove funnels sound from you phone’s speaker towards you it also captures your voice and feeds it directly to your phone’s microphone making calls and recordings far clearer all without any additional drain on your battery. While the AudioGlove accommodates a serious issue for the frequent conference-caller, avid music enthusiast and those who just love to record, AudioGlove’s ‘Natural Amplification Technology’ is not the only great feature you get with this case.

In our time with this case a few things are clear:

1) There was a lot of consideration and development in this product
2) The AudioGlove is awesome! and
3) Above all AudioGlove is a company that clearly cares about their product and their consumers.

We believe that it’s the tiny considerations and accommodations (that may go unnoticed by many) that can make a product worth buying more than once. The AudioGlove is definitely one of those products and, aside from the outstanding and simple sound channel it’s some of the little things that make this product shine.

The AudioGlove features a channel to securely connect you charger while the case is in the open position which accommodates even the older, larger connector without removal of the case whatsoever. Additional considerations include tapered slots which give easy access to your iPhone’s buttons and ports located on the top and left-hand side. A matching indention on the right creates symmetry in case design as well as providing your thumb a natural and comfortable resting place while talking. The AudioGlove is well designed and goes from closed to open and back incredibly smoothly.

The final incorporated features were the ones that made us truly love the AudioGlove. These features show that every problem and detail any user might (but probably won’t) face has been accounted for. The AudioGlove fits the iPhone like…well, a glove but, in the event that this lightweight case becomes worn or loose AudioGlove has provided a sticker, which affixes to the back of your phone to fill the tiniest bit of loose space to ensure a skin-tight fit. Finally the camera hole on colored models of the iPhone 4 case is painted black and for a reason bigger than pure aesthetics. The iPhone 4 has a flash, this means that reflection of the flash could result in your pictures being either tinted the color of your case or washed-out completely, this isn’t a problem with the AudioGlove because of their matte-black lens window.

Additionally AudioGlove plans to extend their line of intuitive amplification products to the iPhone 5, the iPad and even some non-Apple smartphones. AudioGlove has also launched a Kickstarter campaign (HERE) to fund a stand that will compliment their case, making it even easier to conference call, type or just multi-task around the home.

The AudioGlove retails for $34.99 for the iPhone 4 and $24.99 for the iPhone 3, but you can grab your case for a discounted price right now by funding AudioGlove’s Kickstarter campaign!

– Rude Magazine – @JordanRUDEmag

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