SOL Republic’s Tracks HD

We love nothing more than seeing a beefy dude in tiny brown shorts step out of his big ol’ truck. Why? Because it means two things; the first being that we get to practice our autographing skills, the second is that he’s got an awesome mystery box for us.

We’ve got SOL Republic’s Hi-Fi collaboration with electro-DJ deadmau5. If you’re in the market for a sweet set of headphones with some heavy bass and a bright high-end SOL Republic may just have what you’re looking for.

 First Impressions

While packaging only lasts as long as it takes to get to the goods we’re suckers for a first impression and this was some of the coolest packaging we’ve got to play with yet, to the point that we were hesitant to open the Tracks HD at all. Not only is the packaging easy on the eyes but getting to everything without destroying it was super simple.

If you want your headphones to look as bold, bright and loud as your music or if you’re a fan of deadmau5 the paint job on these headphones is awesome and impossible not to notice on the street. The yellow and orange sound engines stick out like a sore thumb just about everywhere you go and the octagon graphics lining the top of the carrot orange headband will draw anyone’s attention who wasn’t already looking.


As an accident-prone, frequent destroyer of electronics SOL Republic’s Tracks headphones initially caught my attention for their awesome customizability and ease of replacement because of their modular design.

The beauty of the Tracks line of headphones is that you can swap-out the headband, sound engines and cables to accent your style or replace what your insane cat got a hold of.

Utilizing SOL Republic’s FlexTech the Sound Track Headband might just be indestructible; able to bend and twist without losing their form, you’ll always have headphones with a fit as comfortable as the day you first pulled them out of the box.

What makes these even better are the removable Cleartalk Cables which plug in to each of the sound engines with a satisfying and firm click. The Cleartalk Cables come equipped with single button remote which also houses a microphone, making it perfect for iOS mobile devices. The deadmau5 cable has 2 additional buttons for track navigation.

And finally the sound engines, the heart and soul of SOL Republic’s Tracks HD headphones. These sound engines provide users with an on-ear style with ultra comfortable padding and great sound.


Now for what really matters; performance. When we first put our head in between these monsters the look and feel had us looking for a pair of old-school roller skates and hot pants, the streamlined headbands and tiny earbuds we’ve gotten used to using are dramatically different in both look and feel than SOL Republic’s Tracs.

Being an on-ear headphone the Tracks provide an interesting fusion of high performance and everyday use. While we weren’t sure about them at first we couldn’t help them growing on us. The ultra comfortable padding on the ears and under the headband allowed us to wear them for hours without any discomfort.

We listened to everything had to offer from metal to disco and, while some of the music was painful the Tracks HD assured that every grueling note came through with great sound quality. As you might expect (based on the deadmau5 collaboration) the Tracks are perfectly tailored for Electronic and Synth music, but they’re great with anything that has heavy bass and stand-out high-end.

We expected a solid amount of bass and weren’t disappointed. With the amount of thumping you can’t get a whole lot closer to feeling like your on the floor of a concert without sticking your face in front of a subwoofer. What really surprised us was the quality of the higher-end sounds like female vocals, lyrics and high notes were crystal-clear and super-sharp.


– We would have liked a cable-to-clothing clip to avoid snagging
– Because of thumping bass and sharp treble, mid-range notes occasionally become washed out

+ We loved the look, feel and style of SOL Republic’s Tracks HD
+ Quality and feel is tailored to stylish music-lovers
+ Great sound quality suits both professionals and casual listeners.
+ High customizability with interchangeable bands and cables
+ Ultra durable and easy to store with included neoprene case


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