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How did you come up with the name for your company?
The brand is named after a Mexican footballer Manuel Negrete, from the 1986 world cup, an amazing goal that everybody saw skill in no matter what country you were from. Even being not much of a football fan myself I can still see the skill, style and finesse in it.

How does your brand stand out from others?
Negrete is about living- plain and simple, about really living life, forget your 9 to 5 and reach a little further, hopefully we stand out for what we believe, there is a million Tshirt brands all clambering for the same markets and people to make a name for themselves- Negrete just offers a hopeful breath of fresh air, we just stay humble and true and it’s been working since day one.

Promoting a brand is sometimes an arduous task, what has been the craziest most unusual marketing technique you have used?
We have been so lucky that we haven’t really pushed too much in the marketing role still, we have plenty of ideas up our sleeves, it’s all just been so good to us so far.







Rewind 5 years ago, where were you and what were you doing ?
Five years ago all I wanted was a chance to really show a few designs here and there day dreaming of Negrete growing and starting to get noticed just so it payed enough to do a new line of designs, like feeding an addiction I guess.

2012 is here, so what’s your company’s new year’s resolution?
If there was one new years resolution it would be to stay true to who we are, there’s no sell out to a huge corporation on the horizon it’s just staying true, we currently only support independent stores not interested in chains that rape and pillage the industry.

If you could have any celebrity or athlete wear one of your brand’s shirts who would it be and what shirt?
Maybe cliche but for me personally it would be Muhammad Ali, boxing or just being the man the guy is a living legend. Celebrities come and go and few stick in my mind as having much impact on me personally,







Do you plan on doing any events or trade shows this year that your fans can catch you at ?
There will be a few shows this year that we want to show case our new ranges- please just watch this space for details!

What’s your best lesson learned since the start of your company?
If you want to achieve greatness you must first learn patience. It can be a long road but it’s worth the journey if you really believe in working hard and staying true.

Would you like to give a shout-out to any of your supporting fans and people that have helped you along your journey?
So so many people, each and every customer that has made us the brand we are, we are nothing without you.
Haters for making us work that bit harder and everyone that’s ever shown support. The list is honestly endless

Matt Boulton

The Negrete familia

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