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Brand: TwinSrpnt

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With the help of some amazing designers and illustrators San Jose based clothing brand TwinSrpnt brings you legendary myths from all over the world. Checkout our interview with one of the creators of TwinSrpnt, Rob as he talks about the brand, his experiences and what we can expect in the future from their collection!

How did you come up with the name for your company?

I’ve always been a fan of snakes. How they impose fear to most people even though snakes are afraid of us. Our initial name was Twin Serpents Mafia but later on we dropped Mafia since we got heat from the cops thinking we were a gang or some crooks. One Serpent represents good while the other represents evil. We’re in the process of switching to our new name from TwinSrpnt to Twin Serpents since the abbreviated name has created a lot of confusion.


How does your brand stand out from others?

I think that it stands out from others in the way that we carefully bring the coolest legendary myths from all over the world and pair them with some of the most talented designers we know. Some myths are good and others are evil. You get to choose your side and strive to become legendary.


Promoting a brand is sometimes an arduous task, what has been the craziest most unusual marketing technique you have used?

The craziest technique was back in 2011 when we did one contest per week for four weeks. It went from tagging our virtual van with slogans, racing pit bulls and people guessing how long it would take my brother to down 2 beers. The most unusual was contacting a cosplayer to model for us and soon after she went viral.


Rewind 5 years ago, where were you and what were you doing?

Five years ago I was doing photo manipulations of me and my friends with photoshop just for fun. At that same time I started designing business cards and a few logos.


The year is coming to a end soon, what are some big plans you want to accomplish in 2013?

Completely transition from TwinSrpnt.com into TwinSerpents.com and getting the new site up and running. Doing some trade shows and get into stores and boutiques. Hopefully in 2013 we can also be part of the Warped Tour as vendors.


If you could have any celebrity or athlete wear one of your brand’s shirts who would it be and what shirt?

Female: Probably would have to be Milla Jovovich holding some of those crazy guns from Resident Evil. She would go well with Impermanence. Oh yeah!

Male: Johnny Knoxville.


What’s your best lesson learned since the start of your company?

Don’t cut corners on quality and only work with the best. Don’t rush things and end up with a crappy product. When we started we were printing on some of the most inexpensive shirts. After a few washes, the shirts shrunk and started to get deformed.

Would you like to give a shout-out to any of your supporting fans or people who have helped you along your journey?

Yes I do. Big shout outs to Thomas Golden, Geno75, Adam Hendle, Dan Conerd, Brian Luong, Enji Night and Jared Thompson.


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