Adidas Adizero PrimeKnit

While Nike is going all out with the intro­duc­tion of its Flyknit tech­nol­ogy with their wide­spread releas­e of the first Racer and Trainer+ ver­sions, Adidas went limited with their release their new PrimeKnit shoe for the Olympic games. With only 2,012 pairs made these shoes are definitely a limited grab.

Adidas takes us behind the scenes to give us a look at both the people and the processes that go into producing a pair of these lightweight runners in their latest video clip. Whether you’re an Adidas fan or not you have to admire their shoe’s design and the process it takes to make one of these.

The shoe world is witnessing a revolutionary change in how footwear is made, used, and reused and Adidas is helping to lead the charge. Lucky for us Adidas made this video to give us an idea of what it takes to make one of the world’s lightest knit running shoes ever.

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