Ballistic VersoShocks By Gravity Defyer

By: Gravity Defyer
Price: $130

If you’re looking to put a spring in your step checkout the Ballistic VersoShocks By Gravity Defyer. If you’re anything like us you’re probabally a sucker for a brightly colored illustration of how a product you can’t actually see works. If you’re all about commercials that feature flaming athletes foot or radiating waves of pain throughout the human body in the form of lightening check out the pictures below.


At $130 price-point this unknown brand looks to dig into your wallet by promising an ultra comfortable and supportive shoe for an active lifestyle. If the image of flaming springs doesn’t appeal to you then you might be interested in the real reason we wanted to feature this item: the logo. Nothing says I’m a testosterone riddled, statuesque example of a man better than a big red sperm cell across the side of your shoe, it may even say something about how good of a swimmer you are.







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