Betabrand’s Disco Open-Source

If you can remember way back in February when we told you about some business appropriate sweat-pants Betabrand’s Discolab collection may be a little less surprising but it certainly won’t be any less awesome. Upon our first visit to Betabrand’s site we instantly knew we loved everything about them, from their quirky collection to featured images of their community sporting their gear, Betabrand had it on lock.

The introduction of their Discolab line only furthers their awesomeness; with items from shorts and bikini tops to pants and reversible hoodies. The Discolab line is guaranteed to grab attention year ’round although you should expect an increase in pick-up lines that end with “Because I can see myself in your pants.”

To make matters even better Betabrand responded to its community’s desire for more disco by releasing a DIY Disco Open-Source (DOS) kit so that people could create and share their own reflective threads for a chance at their item being featured or even permanently added to Betabrand’s Discolab line.

Checkout some of the awesome pieces from Betabrand below and browse their user’s sweet creations over at!







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