Vicky Lee

Coming from Australia this week’s featured model is Vicky-Lee! Besides being a gorgeous glamor model and a Playboy “Girls Of Golf” winner you may have seen her in “The Walking Dead” or as a naked body-double on “Xena Warrior Princess”  and a laundry list of other Acting and model-related gigs. We got to talk to her for a bit about life as a model, her biggest turn-on’s are and the best way to get rejected by her.

Name: Vicky-Lee Valentino
Location: Sydney, Australia / Rhode Island, USA

Most Unusual Turn-On: the Rhode Island State Police uniform
Biggest Turns-Offs : arrogance, ignorance, and Croc shoes – Wtf are people doing wearing that sh*t?


When you’re not busy modeling what are you doing ?

Eating! 😉 Traveling, trying to learn to play my electric guitar, chilin’ at the beach

Tell us three things you never leave home without

my imagination, shoes and music

What’s something you wish you were really good at and why ?

The superman trick (motocross) I think I’d be badass if I could do sweet tricks like that. Crusty Demon-Lee come at me! 😉


What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

I would have to say working in a Law Firm.


What something no man should have in his wardrobe ?

Crocs. Any color, any style. Guys who need an extreme makeover wear these things.


What’s the most unique way a guy has approached you?

Haha, once an arrogant jock type guy walked up to my boyfriend at the bar gave him $100 and a note with his number on and asked to pass it on to me. That didn’t really work out for boyfriend was a professional fighter on a diet. So he didn’t take that very well..


What’s one company / person you would love to model for in the future?

Victoria’s Secret, With  Sports Illustrated.


Give us 3 signs that your boyfriend might be a physco
  •  Stalks you…
  •  Hacks your email social network accounts
  •  just been released from a mental institution maybe?


What super hero is the hottest to you and why ?

Silver Surfer – cause he’s pretty much naked, followed closely by Daredevil & Wolverine 😛


Tell us what alcoholic drink is your weakness:


Most embarrassing moment at a photo shoot tor industry related event

Winning a bikini contest, walking out on stage all proud, not knowing my top had come off a little, exposing one of my breasts, which was then published on the cover of a national Sunday paper.

What’s the first thing about a guy that catches your eyes

Their eyes! Sexy eyes are a huge turn on.

Any last shout-outs to people in the industry, friends or family ?

Here’s to everyone in the industry! From all my good friends around the world, to the strangers who support my work, and to my family and the Polish one who keep me sane 😉 – I love you all. Salute!


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Peace & Love, VLV



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