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We caught up with two local Portland guy’s who’s love of hip hop music turned into a full blown line of apparel inspired by the biggest icon’s in hip hop. We talk to Hip Hop Junkie’s founders Bobby Jones and Niyi Sobo about what got them started on there clothing line and whats in store for the future from hip hop junkies! Be sure to hit up there store

Clothing Line :Hip Hop Junkies
City/State:Portland ,OR
Website : Hip Hop Junkies
Fan Page: Face Book
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So tell us the story behind the name of your clothing company ?
With both of us being the real Hip Hop Junkies that we are, the fusion and the brand itself was really simple to put together. We met in college, and we have always shared the same passion and taste for Hip Hop. Bobby had an idea to create a brand that represents the “real” part of Hip Hop, the area of Hip Hop that is sometimes ignored by the popular audience. We wanted the true essence of Hip Hop to show through our clothes and designs. A Hip Hop Junkie is anyone who loves and is passionate about true Hip Hop.


Rewind 5 year’s ago what where you doing ?

5 Years ago, we were both in college studying to get degrees in Political Science at Portland State. Bobby has always been passionate about politics, especially as it relates to Black youth, which is why he spent a lot of his time working with youth in Portland. I was playing football for Portland State at the time, and later went on to play for The New Orleans Saints for 2 seasons. During our time at Portland state, We both were charter members of the first chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and that became another area where we strengthened our bond. It was after all this that we came together to start Hip Hop Junkies.


If you could get any celebrity/athlete/Musician/person to wear one of your shirts for a week who would it be and what shirt?

I think “Motivated by the Hate, Inspired by the love” would be dope on Lebron James. The way that he has used the hate to motivate him, while still allowing all the praise and love he gets to inspire him really embodies what that quote means. I think everyone with any sort of success has enough of both hate and love, and the challenge becomes using it the right way and channeling them both towards success.



Whats in store for us in the future with your line ?


As a brand. Hip Hop Junkies has the potential to touch any and everything that has to do with Hip Hop. The clothing will always be a staple of ours, and we will consistently drop new designs each and every season. Our website is going to be even more interactive, and should be a bookmark on any fan of Hip Hop’s computer. We are working with a lot of local Portland artists to liven up the local Hip Hop scene, as well as bring some attention to young hungry artists, much like we are in the business world. Simply put, we are on the quest to be synonymous with the word “Hip Hop”. As a fan, artist, or anyone else if you hear Hip Hop we want you to envision our logo.





Whats the biggest frustration with owning a clothing company?

One of the biggest frustrations is being patient. We are both highly motivated, and we have a vision for what the brand can become. Anyone who has started a business can tell you that things don’t always happen on your time. The challenge for us has been to stay patient, and remain consistent with our plan and vision. We know we will get to where we want if we follow our plan

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