Rich Kids Brand

Clothing Company: RICH KIDS BRAND

City /State: SEATTLE, WA

Established Date: JULY 2010   (Official launch: June 2011)


(Creative Director: Lee Smith)

nicki-minaj-safaree- Safaree, nicki minaj hypeman,Sporting Rich Kids cursive

Rich Kids is an urban lifestyle brand out of Seattle, Washington. We base our company around the word “rich” and the true meaning of the word; “Rich is not what you have, it’s who you have beside you.”  The double meaning is what makes the name unique.  A lifestyle is not defined by the value of your assets or the status of those around you. It is defined by how much you appreciate what you do possess and who you surround yourself with. Rich Kids embodies the value of people and focuses on investing in your own happiness; possessions come and go, but your true friends and family do not.

What’s the difference between RK brand and other clothing companies’ out there?

Our brand is different from others out there because it has depth and people can connect to it. It is not just another t-shirt line with some random graphics and a random name. We stand for something and we live that day in and day out.  I feel that there is not a more relevant word in the world today then rich. Unfortuantely, too many people do not value the word correctly.  Some people enjoy wearing it because of the “Rich Kids” and some people wear it because of the quote.

Rewind 5 years ago what where you doing ?

Lil Wayne in his Rich Kids crest tee

I was playing football at University of Idaho and after that I opened up Urbanity Clothing Store here in Seattle.


What’s your 2012 business new year’s resolution and what’s in store for us in 2012 with rich kids ?

In 2012 Rich Kids plans to be a household name. We want the world to be aware of our message and what we stand for. We will be a full fledged lifestyle brand by the time 2012 comes to an end. We also have many plans to expand our distribution rapidly.


Best lesso
n learned since starting Rich Kids?

Patience; that really is the key to success and growth.  We battle on a day to day basis with people that misinterpret our brand, solely because of the name.  When consumers first see it, they process the name “Rich Kids” the way they want to and without patience (and passion) it would be difficult explaining our message to those who question the brand.


meek mill in Rich Kids Cursive Tee

Any last shout outs to people who have helped you along the way?

Obviously, the RK team…we pride ourselves on having a unique and positive group of “characters” that in the end, have the same goal.  And ofcourse, our supporters. At the end of the day, selling Rich Kids is great, but the people who have really latched on to the meaning and embody a rich life without even owning anything RK, is rewarding in itself.  Those are the people we think of when working on the brand.


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