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Check out our interview with Ryan O’ Conner the founder of RipNDip a clothing company focused on the crazy life street skater life style of ripping up the street’s and dipping on your local rent-a-cop.



RIPnDIP clothing co. commercial 4 Bert Wootten from Grant Yansura on Vimeo.

Clothing Line :


City/State :

Originally from Orlando, FL then moved to Los Angeles, CA


RipnDip Feature Rude Magazine

RipnDip Feature Rude Magazine

So tell us the story behind the name of your clothing company?

The idea of ripndip came across my mind when I was working at a skateboard camp over the summer. Pretty much skateboarders are always getting kicked out of streets by the cops so RIPNDIP means.. RIP (skate a spot) and DIP (leave before the cops come) RIPNDIP!

What made you start this company and what has been the biggest struggle ?

I wrote ripndip on my board at camp then all the kids had it on theirs.. so I quickly realized how catchy the name is and when %100 with it. The biggest struggle with with being such a small company is the minimums and working with factories to produce your goods.

Rewind 5 year’s ago what where you doing ?

Going to college and skateboarding everyday with all my friends.

If you could get any celebrity/athlete/person to wear one of your shirts for a week who would it be and what shirt?

It would most definitely be Tyler the creator from Odd Future and in any RIPNDIP gear would be sick.

Whats in store for us in the future with Rip n Dip ??

Getting in more doors across the country and internationally.

Whats the biggest frustration with owning a clothing company ?

Convincing store owners that your goods are just as good as the product they’re already carrying.


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