Swiss Stays:Adjustable Collar Stays

Every once in a while a product comes along that is so simple, so practical, and such a problem-solver, that you wonder why someone hasn’t already thought of it. Swiss Stays is one of those products that’s so simple, so obvious, but believe it or not, they’re the first of their kind, they’ve been designed to fit all 24 different collar sizes and styles on the market. Thanks to a pair of rotating extensions that turn one collar stay into any of four different sizes.

Made from sterling silver, brass, stainless steel or PVC with stainless rivets, Swiss Stays give your shirt collar a perfect look, thanks to firm materials that are thicker and stronger than anything else out there to keep your collar standing strong all day long. They’re the versatile option for a product that should be a part of every well-dressed gentleman’s wardrobe. Swiss Stays range in price from the surprisingly affordable $8 all the way up to $125 for the fancier sterling silver set.

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