BioLite Campstove

If the words “Go Green” send up a red flag but you love fire or twig-collecting the BioLite may just be able grab your attention while saving a battery or propaine bottle from the landfill.

The BioLite is a cool, ecofriendly camp stove and USB charger which uses heat to power a fan to generate heat. Confused? An internal, electrical fan ensures the flame burns hotter, this heat is captured and converted into electrical energy which charges your USB devices and further powers the fan. Any heat not captured is released through the top which can be used to cook food on a skillet, boil water or roast your weenie. Checkout the picture below to see exactly how it works!

The BioLite weighs only 2lbs and is as compact as a water bottle. Picking up the BioLite will set you back $130 but will eliminate the need to pack propane or large fire-starters and your camp stove. And with a way to charge, your phone tablet or MP3 player roughing-it just got a little easier. Checkout BioLite’s Site and pick-up this stove HERE.

 – Rude Magazine – @JordanRUDEmag

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