AutoMee-S Screen Cleaning Robot


If you’re too broke to afford a Roomba or you’re sick of using a simple piece of fabric or cloth to quickly clean the screen of your mobile devices then you’re in luck!¬†Takara Tomy, a Japanese toy manufacturer has created a product ¬†specifically for the purposes of cleaning the screens of tablets and phones.

The AutoMee-S will scrub the oil smudges and prints built up over multiple attempts to 3-star those tough levels of Angry Birds with lightning speed (4-8 minutes). The little guys detect the edges of the device turning away to continue cleaning instead of falling onto the table below.

The AutoMee-S can run about 3 hours on a single AA battery, which means that for the price of just one battery you can avoid quickly wiping off a screen with your shirt and instead have this little guy take 12 times longer to do the same job…Outsourcing!

You can pick up your very own screen-molesting robot for about $17, but here at RUDE Magazine we can’t help but recommend the baller-status option of buying a pair of googly-eyes at your local craft-store for a few cents more!

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