ClamBook – Buy the Screen, Bring the Brain

Coming out in time for the holiday season ‘the ClamBook’ may not be as fishy as it sounds. Powered by either your iPhone or Android device you “bring the brain” to this keyboard and screen combo.

Pop your phone on the dock connected to the ClamBook and take advantage of your mobile device’s processing power while your phone charges. You can browse your apps, play Angry Birds and surf the web with the ease of a laptop instead of your clumsy hotdogish thumbs.

Thinner than the thinnest MacBook ClamCase, the maker of the ClamBook (which we’re already sick of saying) is keeping a lot of the details under wraps. What we do know is that the ClamBook will come with a 13.3” LED-Display with a 1,280×720 resolution and that consumers are to expect “3D Cinema Sound” but, to be honest we’re really not sure where they’re going to cram the speakers on this thing. Without a definite price point we can’t really be sure where this will fall on consumer’s wish-list this holiday but with a bigger screen and the ability to use your phone’s processing power we’re hoping for a new, competitive alternative to cheap netbooks.

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