Dogstar Tactical Flashlight

Giving a whole new name to the tactical flash light the Dogstar flashlight blasts a beam of blinding light, via an array of brilliant white LEDs that glow with the power of 68,000 lumens! (About as bright as taping 30 mag lights together).

Weighing in at 9 pound the Dogstar Tactical Flashlight’s Dimensions are 22.52 x 5.28 inches and it outputs no heat when in use.  All that light, of course, is a serious drain, so the rechargeable battery can only operate the photon bazooka at maximum brightness for up to 80 minutes at a time.

Before you get all antsy and start looking to throw this in your kit for your next camp out: the price tag is set at around $12,000 and, currently only 1 prototype exists.

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