Double Fine: Kick Started

If you haven’t heard about Kick Starter yet you’re a bit late to the game but not to worry, you’re here now. Double Fine, the video game company behind “Psychonauts” and “Brutal Legend” has started a Kick Starter campaign of their very own in an attempt to cut out the middle man. Founder and game designer Tim Schafer decided that a point and click graphic adventure just wasn’t what publishers were looking for so he brought the idea to the gaming community and the results thus far have been nothing short of bananas.

With a seemingly optimistic goal of $400,000 to develop and produce not only a game but a documentary following the games progression Double Fine achieved their goal in just over 8 hours. The numbers continued to rise as we’ve only ever seen with Charlie Sheen’s Twitter account, breaking the million dollar mark within the first 24 hours along with a Kick Starter record.

Schafer promises the project will either be an overwhelming success or a colossal failure aided by the input of the contributing community. Without the red tape of a publisher the developers now have the ability to directly collaborate with the community this may very well be the first step in a completely new direction for video games as well as other entertainment media. With 32 days left to go we eagerly await the end result of not only the campaign but the game and documentary as well. We’re off to kick-in, let us know what you think in the comments section below!


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