Earl – The Survival Tablet

Earl Feature

The name ‘Earl’ may bring to mind any number of things, people, or just simply banjo music. What probabally doesn’t pop into your head though is high-tech wilderness gear. Meet Earl; a rugged, well thought out, survival tablet with everything any person more than 100 yards away from an an automobile could ever want.

Built for abuse and inspired by the creator’s out-door loving greyhound; Earl was designed to be a reliable, back-country, trail and wilderness companion that could survive years of water, mud, wear and tear, just like its old GPS and walkie-talkie predecessors. Earl updates old wilderness tech with a low-consumption e-ink screen and a battery that can fully charge in 5 hours of direct sunlight.

If a solar powered survival tool wasn’t cool enough, Earl proves it’s the boy-scout of tablets by being crammed full of awesome features. A two-way radio, AM/FM/SW/LW tuner & recorder, GPS, Barometer, are just the tip of the iceberg in this glove friendly, shock/dust/mud/water-proof tablet.

To get more info you can head over to MeetEarl.com. While you’re there you can also preoder your own to help crowdfund Earl for a surprisingly low price of between $249 and $299 (30% off retail).


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