GameKlip and Sixaxis

If you love gaming on your phone but fighting with a touch screen isn’t your idea of a good time you can always reach for the nearest PS3 controller and sync your phone up for an awesome gaming experience! With the Sixaxis app a PS3 controller will eliminate any need to grease-up your phone by touching the screen.

While it’s awesome to be able to avoid accidental taps or deviating from the boundaries of your touch screen you’re left with an entirely new problem: where do you to put your phone whilst you fondle your joystick. That’s where the GameKlip comes in; specifically formed for a tight fit on both your phone and your controller the GameKlip combines your gear into an awesome mobile gaming device.

The GameKlip puts your phone in the PS3 controller’s center for a comfortable and balanced feel while you game, checkout the video above for a closer look at wired and wireless models of the GameKlip!

 – Rude Magazine – @JordanRUDEmag

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