iShower: Stream Your Sound

For those who spend a solid chunk of their day in the bathroom or just enjoy a nice shower a new way to relax is here with the iShower. With the ability to stream audio from 200 feet away from your device from up to 5 different users.

Although the name implies this is an Apple specific product it’s advertised to work well with both Android and iOS devices and, being a Bluetooth device it’s likely this will also work with your other Bluetooth gadgets. The iShower comes with a mount for your shower which easily releases for portability to any water-laden area.

Beyond the mount the iShower also features a folding arm which can be used to hang from your shower head or as a stand if you’re at the pool or the beach. With great sound, portability, versatility and the iShower’s large, elegant digital read-out even the most elderly of bathers are sure to love this product!

Grab your iShower for $100 at

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