JMC Soundboard


The JMC Soundboard looks like beautiful wall decor, but underneath this 350 year old spruce wood top is an amazing sound system. JMC contemporary audio technology encased in a wall-mountable, artsy high-end speaker. The Soundboard offers a concert-like experience for a pricey $6,500. It’s available in natural (pictured above), dark brown, black, and white. Designed for perfect sound as well as beauty to fit any decor, check out JMC for the latest details.

Just in case you’re curious about the specs for this magnificent beast for your next living room remodel:

Dimensions 89 x 89 x 21 cm – Weight 12 kg – Impedance 8

Pass-band 25 to 25,000 Hz – Minimal Power Rating 2 x 80 W

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  1. Christina

    February 13, 2012 at 7:57 AM

    Such a great idea and so pleasing to the eye. Beautiful.

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