Kickstarter Reject: LovePalz

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering just what doesn’t make it on to Kickstarter, wondered about robot sex or if your long distance relationship is suffering from a groping deficiency you’ve come to the right place. This is the LovePalz diddling device which uses Bluetooth and the iPhone to allow users to get in on for some long-distance lovin’.

A piston in the female’s device and air pressure control in the male’s allow for the devices to sense speed, tightness and intensity for a personal experience for each user. Having thought of everything this app also allows users to stare at each other while remotely making love. For a better look at just how it works checkout the video below.

While tastefully designed and advertised the LovePalz were apparently deemed too racy for Kick Starter; but fortunately, for tech-savvy couples LovePalz has created their own website (HERE) allowing for pre-orders. With over 1,200 pre-orders so far and 2 months left users will be able to do the deed just in time for Jesus’s Birthday!

The device lets partners in remote locations get each other off using the latest in teledildonic technology.


If the elegance of the LovePalz’s design and the ability to bump and grind from anywhere in the world weren’t enough, wealthy lovers can pick themselves up a pair of 24 Karat gold units for the reasonable price for $10,000.

– Rude Magazine – @JordanRUDEmag

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