Liquipel – Waterproof Your Phone

Every day thousands of phones, MP3 players and other electronic devices meet their end in a watery grave. In a lot of ways we have traded-in the peace of mind that we had with the desktop computer for the portability of our mobile devices.

While a cure for butterfingers has yet to be found Liquipel, a California company claims to have solved the liquid problem that affects our electronics. Liquipel claims that their super hydrophobic vapor application system will completely waterproof your phone without the protection of a case.

For about $60 you’ll be able to send your phone into Liquipel and they’ll ship it back to you looking exactly the same as when you sent it in.While the company discourages their customers from testing their mobile devices after application, Liquipel promises a fully water proof product.

Finally we can all rejoice in having the ability to drop our phones in our beers and toilets without worry thanks to Liquipel! Check out this video of 3 women putting an iPhone into a box and laughing at it!

– RUDE Magazine – @JordanRUDEmag

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