Lytro: Shoot Now, Focus Later

If you’ve always wanted to call yourself a photographer but can’t wrap your head around ISOs, shutter-speeds or tripods the Lytro might just be your cup of tea. The Lytro is the world’s first “light field technology” camera, allowing you to point and shoot now and adjust the focus of your photos later.

If you don’t really understand how it works you’re not alone. Lytro’s CEO Ren Ng has likened the Lytro to creating a CD quality song.

When recording, each instrument and voice is individually recorded and then volume and tone is later mixed and adjusted to produce a single, quality song. In much the same way the Lytro captures all incoming light from every angle which produces a photo than can later be focused.

If you’re still a bit perplexed all you really need to know is that the technology works, we’ll leave a couple of Lytro’s living pictures here for you to play with. For even more (larger) living photos checkout the Lytro Gallery

The Apple-esque design is simple and elegant, packaged in a basic kaleidoscope0-like brick. The Lytro features the bare-minimum in functions; a power button, shutter button, touch-sensitive zoom and a touch screen to browse pictures, making it simple and quick to use for anyone who can wrap their hand around it.

Not only is it easy to play with the focus of your photos on the go but the pictures can easily be viewed on just about any device you would view normal pictures on, from phones to computers and tablets.

The Lytro comes in 2 models: 8gb (Blue & Charcoal) for $399 and 16gb (Red) for $499. If you’re dying to get your hands on one you can pick yours up at

– RUDE Magazine – @JordanRUDEmag

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