Microsoft Surface: Out Next Week

In just one short week Microsoft will roll-out their long awaited tablet: Surface. Windows users may finally be able to rejoice in a tablet that offers a fusion of laptop and traditional mobile device for an ultra compact and convenient solution for just about anyone on the go.

Undoubtedly the will immediately be compared to Apple’s iPad but it looks to sport some features even a Mac fan would love. Much like the iPad the surface has a magnetic screen protector but with one awesome addition, when folded out the cover functions as the Surface’s keyboard finally giving tablet users a tactile typing surface without all the hassle of a traditional keyboard.

Additionally the Surface will offer users a true 1080p display in a 16:9 aspect ratio, meaning that digital videos will display as they were meant to as on home TVs instead of the square display of the ipad.

Finally the surface has a sweet hidden feature built right into its body. The lower third on the back of the tablet’s body folds out to give users a convenient way to prop up the tablet without any extra accessories for a full laptop-like experience when paired with the touch and type covers. When folded up the integrated prop is nearly unnoticeable.

Microsoft’s Surface will run a modified version Windows 8 OS. The Surface releases Friday, October 26th and will retail for between $500 and $700 depending on if you want to pick-up the 32gb or 64gb model (Get more info or pre-order HERE).

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