Google’s Nexus Q

Google’s I/O conference is underway and they’ve announced a plethora of gadgets, tech and toys. We’ve all seen a tablet and the excitement over software can only go so far, so what’s big? Google’s goggles are still a couple years away but the Nexus Q launches next month.

While Google has developed an obnoxious habit for slapping the name ‘Nexus’ on every piece of hardware they turn out the Nexus Q is a device that goes well beyond the tablets and phones it shares its name with.

What’s the point? The Nexus Q is a “social streaming media” device, what that means however is a bit foggy. Check out the video below and see if it’s worth a $300 investment.

For the tech savvy who what to know more about what makes the Nexus Q tick take a look at Wired’s detailed teardown.

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