This week  NVIDIA has released a new demo video introducing what they have dubbed “Project SHIELD,” a mobile gaming device which allows PC quality gaming on a hand-held device. Playing the recent hit Borderlands 2 it’s easy to get a feel for just how this sweet little thing works. The  game is shown streaming on a home-based wireless network from a Falcon Tiki PC working with a GeForce GTX 680 graphics card; the computer does all the work while the game’s video is streamed to the SHIELD. It’s a top-level PC-quality gaming experience that you can tote around the house; making it perfect for a toilet gaming session or from the comfort of your bed.

The Project SHIELD device you see here will be coming to you later this year straight from NVIDIA. Project SHIELD consists of a full-sized game controller that’s a bit larger than an Xbox 360’s gamepad, with Nvidia’s Tegra 4 processor inside. A 5-inch, 720p touch screen folds open from the controller like a clam-shell.

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