Optrix HD iPhone Sports Case

RUDE Magazine Optrix-HDWith snowboarding season at its peak everyone is looking for the newest and best way to record there action on the white top, if your on a budget and cannot afford the GoPro setup (GoPro HD US$239.99) Optrix has a cheap reliable solution for you ! Optrix has created a case for the ipod touch and the iphone 4/4s that allows them to take advantage of the iphone’s great video capabilities while doing some of the most extreme sports.The design of the HD Sport makes it compatible with snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain biking, racing and more.

The product includes the all-weather Optrix case, an iPhone Sled to hold an iPhone 4 or 4S, an iPod touch sled (4th gen), a curved base, a flat base, 3M adhesive mounting tape, and a quick-release handle.





RUDE MAGAZINEOptrixRude Magazine 1OptrixRUDE Magazine2 OptrixRude Magazine4 Optrix

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