Ouya: $99 hackable Android console


Ouya is the name of the $99 hackable Android game console, and all its games will purportedly be free. Recruiting the talents of Yves Béhar for this work, the renowned industrial designer will be building a hackable gaming console with a high-concept developer ecosystem that will allow any developer to publish free-to-play games easily. To top it off, every customer who buys a retail box will also receive their own developer kit. While merely a concept at this point, Ouya has attracted the attentive support of some very famous and important industry names–including former Xbox executive Ed Fries, Amol Sarva of Peek, Peter Pham of Color, and Muffi Ghadiali who helped ship Kindle at Amazon’s Lab126. The project also impressively counts Julie Uhrman of IGN as its founder and CEO. Watch for more details to follow.


Via: HypeBeast / TheVerge

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