Playstation 4 Revealed…Sorta

Earlier this month Sony announced that they would soon be making an announcement. If getting prepared to be prepared didn’t excite consumers the subject of what was likely coming might: The PlayStation 4. The excitement over the system however, may have quickly faded for many as the PS4’s big announcement came through.

Turns out that while each PS4 will have more processing power than NASA used when they first landed a man on the moon, there are a few key features missing that gaming fans had hoped for. Among these missing features are backwards compatability and 4k resolution gaming. While the lack of Ultra HD comes as a surprise it’s impact seems likely to be overshadowed by game availability.

Having fallen under heavy criticism we would have guessed that Sony may have taken note from the PS3’s release concerning backwards compatibility, however one of the few things we’re sure about after the announcement of the PS4 is that it will absolutely not interact with games from past systems.

If that weren’t bad enough Sony also failed to dispel all of the rumors swirling around pre-owned games.While neither the Xbox 720 nor the PS4 have outright confirmed their intention to extinguish the used games market it now looks highly probable that that’s what both systems intend to do.

With the lack-luster reveal of a system that, at this point seems like a poor trade-off for its predecessor, the only thing that might be redeeming would be an ascetically pleasing system, a promised released date or an affordable price. Prepare to be further disappointed!  The console is set to release “Holiday 2013″ and there is no hint at what it will look like or how much it will cost, frankly we felt better before Sony even announced that they would be announcing anything.

So, while that’s all of the good news and most of the bad news about the PS4, there is a bit more that we’d like to put simply under the heading of “facts,” stuff that neither excites nor upsets us.

The new Dualshock 4 controller looks to remain similar to other Dualshock controllers with a few tweaks. The addition of a standard headphone jacks, modified joysticks and lights (for some reason). The start and select buttons have been moved to make room for a touch-pad in the controller’s middle, making it safe to assume that the controller’s batteries will die faster, but that’s okay because the controller also features a “share” button because all of your Facebook friends need to know what games your playing while your’re not tending to your crops in Farmville!

The PlayStation 4 will continue to support interaction with the PlayStation Vita. Also, the PlayStation Move is still a thing, however it looks like you’re going to have to buy (at least) a new camera. The system will load games almost instantly, we tried to really hard to be excited; couldn’t do it.

Finally, here’s a list of titles we can expect to launch with the PS4.

Killzone: Shadowfall
inFAMOUS: Second Son
Watch Dogs
Drive Club

Diablo III
Deep Down (working title)
The Witness
Final Fantasy

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