Preview: Battlefield 3

Tis the season!  It’s that time of year RUDE fans where all the big video game developers are putting their best foot forward and EA is no different, with its block buster first person shooter Battlefield 3.


As a gamer you have to be looking forward to this treat, and if you’re not you just may find yourself gripping onto a controller in a all night session of chips ,beer and grenade chucking goodness.  The Battlefield franchise has, is and continues to revolutionize the way we play first person shooters.  With its state-of-the-art game engine and motion captions it’s sure to convert some Call of Duty faithful.  The graphics are so realistic you might think you need to apply for VA benefits.  Environments are fully destructible and the battlefields are massive, so you will never have the same gaming experience twice.






I have been playing the beta on Playstation 3 (PS3), and all I can say is…WOW!  You might need to burn some vacation time and stock the fridge with snacks because you are going to be glued to the television for days before you come up for air.  If you don’t want to take my word for, then go get your own. The game officially hits the streets October 25th, 2011 with a midnight release at select locations.   If you can’t wait you can download the beta for free via Xbox live or at the Playstation store right now.

Enjoy and have a happy holiday season from the staff here at RUDE.


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