Samsung Galaxy Beam

Samsung is putting an awesome spin on ‘all-in-one’ with the Galaxy Beam. If, like us you’ve ever found yourself wondering what needs a businessman, a cat-lady and a back-yard camper have in common then you’ve inevitably have come to the conclusion that the answer is a projector. Designed for impromptu presentations, slide-shows and movie watching the Samsung Galaxy Beam promises a handheld projector with all the functionality of the newest smartphone.

If you like a little-bit of weight and thickness to your phone the Galaxy Beam looks to come through on every level. With the addition of a built-in projector and a larger battery single-charge run-time won’t tank while you show off. While being able to project what’s on your phone’s screen you have the ability to draw and highlight, additionally the Galaxy Beam will give you the option of displaying content below the phone in view of its camera.

The Galaxy Beam by Samsung is set to release overseas soon but doesn’t yet have a release date in the U.S. For a full Break-Down and review checkout C|net’s video below.

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