Samsung’s Android-Powered Galaxy Camera

Samsung strikes again! If you didn’t they could possibly slap the word ‘Galaxy’ or ‘Nexus’ on another piece of technology you’d be wrong. It looks like the coin landed heads-up this time giving Samsung’s new Galaxy Camera its name.

While its name is anything but new, the Galaxy camera will be the first point and shoot to accomplish quite a few things. Taking advantage of Android’s latest operating system (Jelly Bean), the Galaxy Cam will be able to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots as well as 3G or 4G, depending on how much you’re willing to shell-out!

While the Galaxy Cam won’t be able to put out ultra-high quality photos like DSLR cameras users will be able to snap photos of much higher quality than any smartphone on the market today. The Galaxy Camera offers 16 megapixels and allows users to zoom up to 21x and up to 7 hours of battery life while connected to the internet.

The real standout feature of this Android based camera is the ability to use the apps. Finally mobile bloggers, people who won’t stop taking pictures of their lunch and the average iPhone user can toss out their mobile devices because, finally there’s a camera with instagram! Additionally sharing, sorting, ¬†searching and saving will be easier than ever with the camera’s onboard apps, options, facial recognition and auto cloud backup features!



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