The Autographer: Record Your Life

Technology has helped us reveal every aspect of our lives, from who we’re with to where we were last, soon these tasks maybe become even more personal and easier to log with the Autographer. The life-logger aims to capture significant life events; using its 136 degree wide-angle lens and over-the-top variety of sensors.

The Autographer comes equipped with half a dozen sensors including an accelerometer, light sensor, magnetometer, infra-red motion detector, and thermometer, in addition to a GPS system for location recording.

Photos are taken with its 5-megapixel camera when sudden changes which indicate significant actions occur. With 8 GBs of on-board storage and Bluetooth all of these events, locations and pictures get organized onto your computer and are ready to be uploaded to your Facebook timeline, Tumblr and other would-be social networks.

You can start blogging your life in November when the Autographer launches with a hefty price tag of $650.

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