Throwable Panoramic Camera Ball



If you want something done right, do it yourself. If something you want doesn’t exist, make it yourself. This is the story of the throwable panoramic ball camera which started as a thesis project by Jonas Pfeil. You can’t actually capture your world in three dimensions yet, but it’s only a matter of time with something this cool.

Cool Material


The throwable panoramic camera ball does exactly what it sounds like. This volley-ball sized device can be tossed up into the air to grab an awesome panoramic view of the world around you.

Made up of 36 cellphone cameras the ball will not only capture a 360 degree image but a full spherical picture that you can browse in a special program after uploading it to your computer via USB.

While the quality isn’t astounding the images and viewing capabilities are comparable to Google Street View. The Camera Ball isn’t on the market yet but it will be making an appearance at Siggraph Asia 2011. Checkout the camera-ball in action below!

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