Titanium Wallet Size Lock Pick Set


The ITS Titanium Entry Card is the first credit card-sized Titanium Lock Pick on the market! Its inherent non-magnetic signature and size makes it perfect for discreet carry and even frequent flying.

Manufactured from aircraft grade Titanium, this .032 in. thick emergency lock pick card is the same size & thickness as a normal credit card and provides you with two identical sets of tools! With most lock pick cards, once you snap out the picks, you’re left without the same storage you once had.

With the ITS Titanium Entry Card, you’ll have a set left over if you need to use one in an emergency situation. Whether it’s accidentally locking yourself out of the house, or just helping a friend, you’ll always have a way in.

With each card, you’ll have two tension (torsion) wrenches and two sets of bogota tools (triple and single hump) perfect for raking or single-pin picking. You’ll also receive a durable Tyvek sleeve for protection.

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