Ubuntu Edge

If you’re ahead of the tech curve, you love open source computing, or you’re just sick of Windows and Mac OS’s then you probably know about and love Ubuntu; the free, highly customizable, Linux based operating system. While Ubuntu has made some headway on mobile devices its Indiegogo campaign looks to take the smartphone to an entirely new level.

The Ubuntu Edge looks to combine high-end technology with high quality materials and craftsmanship in order to the bring mobile industry a Formula 1 style test market. While crowd sourcing may seem an effective route to take for a small name to break into a large market, Ubuntu aims to stick to its roots, bringing a low-quantity, high-quality product to professionals and enthusiasts who will truly appreciate, and take full advantage of the Ubuntu Edge’s capabilities.

For more info, or to fund the project you can head over the The Ubuntu Edge’s Indiegogo Campaign or even ask Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth a question on Reddit!

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