Xbox SmartGlass at E3

From the company that brought you Windows Vista, the “Red Ring of Death” and that obnoxious little paperclip that wants to help you write your term paper in Microsoft Word comes the unveiling of Xbox SmartGlass. At this year’s E3 Expo Microsoft reveals its plan to focus on an all-in-one solution which takes advantage of the phones, tablets and TVs we already have to truly integrate our playing, viewing and listening experience.

In an attempt to solve a problem that doesn’t exist Microsoft has developed what seems to be a truly useless piece of software that allows you to do things such as: look at maps while watching TV and take a break from playing a game to continue playing a game. If this announcement wasn’t titillating enough Marc Whitten, Head of Xbox Live also announced the integration of Internet Explorer into the Xbox experience. If history is any indication users will quickly figure out how to install Firefox and Chrome and shriek with terror anytime they accidentally launch Explorer.

Xbox SmartGlass seems now about as useful as the introduction of some of the special features that came with Blu-ray’s release but given Microsoft’s history it could (eventually) bring us something great. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.


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