ZEAL ION HD Camera Goggles


GoPro meet your new competitor; introducing Zeal iON HD video camera goggles, These unique goggles come equipped with an HD camera which allows you to record a 1080p HD quality video on the go.

Apart from capturing high-quality videos, the built-in camera in these goggles also allows you to take up to 8 megapixel photos. The goggles seem to be quite handy for sportsmen who can use them to capture some of the most memorable shots of their lives.

“The ZEAL iON is a truly innovative product. Consumers have been waiting for a goggle like this to put technology easily at their fingertips. Our products allow our consumers to share their lives, passions, and experiences, while progressing the industry as a whole.”

– President of Zeal

The goggles are already available on the Zeal website for $399.

Via: UberGizma


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