Google Glass


If you’re the type who has no problem dropping your paycheck for the latest and greatest in technology you may want to breakout the lawn chair now because Glass’s release is just around the corner (Although we have no idea if you’ll be one of thousands in line or if you’ll be camping alone).

With a $1,500 price point we can only hope that Google’s new integrated life-device can live up to the hype. So far we know that you’ll be able to take pictures and video hands free with Glass’s 5mp, 720p resolution camera and communication is easy with voice recognition and bone transduction sound. Glass claims to help you navigate, translate, search and share unobtrusively, leading us to believe that it probably works better than it looks.

Take a look at the pictures below to get an idea of what you get when you combine the latest in technology with whatever the opposite of style is. If the asymmetrical headband balancing atop your beak doesn’t throw you off then you can get more info at the Google Glass page.

google-glass face 2google-glass face 1 google-glass face 3 google-glass Dragon Ball

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