T-Mobile’s New Spokesperson

Once in a generation a hero emerges, a man who comes forth, not because he needs to, not even because he has to but because he wants his goddamn refund. There are two things we, as a people know about T-Mobile and they are as follows: 1) That girl who always wears the pink dress and tricks you into signing a two year contract is pretty cute and 2) T-Mobile sucks.

With fewer bars than a dry-county T-Mobile’s service has a way of pushing even the British over the edge. This guy is so polite when confronted by police that we hope to have him over for a beer, just as soon as he’s allowed to leave to country again…and we bolt everything down. Check out the video below to get a look at RUDE Magazine’s newest hero.

Update: It looks as if these videos are being removed from YouTube rather quickly, we’ll attempt to keep the video up for all of our readers but if you want to get a look and you can’t find it here we’d recommend doing a quick Google search for “Angry Man Destroys T-Mobile”

– Rude Magazine – @JordanRUDEmag


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