The Empire Responds to May 4th

In an effort to squelch the Rebel Alliance as well as its supporters, the Empire has produced this cautionary, anti-rebel propaganda short in attempt to put a stop to what many of us know as “Star Wars Day.” This ban of May the 4th includes, but is not limited to: donning Rebel and Jedi attire, supporting the Rebel Alliance, and mind control/weapon levitation.

While we would normally expect the Empire to squash May the 4th with a follow-up holiday of their own we understand that they totally got the shaft with Cinco De Mayo taking precedence. Perhapps this is why Dos Equis tried to move the well established holiday to the second? We have, however heard rumblings of the Empire looking to eradicate both holidays with their ‘Revenge of the Sixth’ bash. So, where do you stand?

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