RUDE Magazine is looking for dedicated and talented interns and contributors with passion and commitment. Whether you love style, fashion and the latest trends or gaming and tech, or even just pop culture and viral videos we’ve got a spot for you.


If you’re a college student or just someone looking to break into the industry our internship program is designed to show you the ropes, while providing a challenging and rewarding experience with tons of opportunities to make connections and establish credibility; all while earning a little college credit and a letter of recommendation.
While working on new content our writers and editors are constantly looking for inspiration, as well as the knowledge and opinions of the masses, and we would love to include you in the creative process by taking advantage of your input.
Our interns aren’t just sounding boards; after you pitch your ideas to our editors and get the green light you’ll have the opportunity to start writing your own content and become a published contributor.


We’re always looking for enthusiastic contributors who love what they write about and can create entertaining content. Whether you’re currently writing for another publication or you have written for one in the past we’d love to work with you.

What We Need

If you’re interested in working with us send an email to
Be sure to include the following info with your email.

  • Your Name:
  • What position you’re applying for (Intern or Contributor):
  • Your area(s) of expertise/intrest:
  • A little bit of info about yourself (either keep it brief or make it sexy):
  • Why you want the position:

Show Us Your Your Skills
– Pick a topic that falls inline with our content, or that you think could benefit RUDE Magazine
-Create a compelling title that will grab readers
-Write a short blurb introducing your what you’re writing about, make sure you tell us why we should care about your topic.
-Send us your application.

Tip: Use an informal-conversational writing style; your piece should be both entertaining and informative.
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